Probiotic Mustard & Mayo

Before refrigeration and industrial food processing, most condiments were fermented. Ketchup, mustard, fish sauce and hot sauce are examples of traditional condiments that added flavour and enzymes to otherwise bland meals.  Due to their strong flavour, only a small amount needed to add a lot of flavour to a plate of food.Here we have two condiments, mustard and … Read more

The Microbial Circus Tour

  Maybe you might be asking WHERE can I find Edible Alchemy? Well, the answer is simple… practically everywhere! Bacteria, moulds and yeasts are all around the globe creating delicious foods for us to create, taste, and share … yet, that may still not answer your question… As you may have read in our intro, … Read more

Fermented HOT HOT HOT Sauce

Smashed peppers, garlic, chickweed & green tomatoes pictured above with some tools of the trade : a mortar and pestle, and Korean onggi fermentation vessel from Eliefs The concept is simple, the hotter the peppers you use the hotter the sauce it makes. If you combine a mixture of peppers you will most likely find … Read more

Lacto-Fermented Tomato Sauce

Find that TANG – ZIP – POW in your Tomato SAuce or Paste  Here at Edible Alchemy, we seem to have curious taste buds and are always happy to meet others with the same lust for new flavours, trying something different and maybe a bit out there compared to conventional food preservation. When I (Alexis) and … Read more

Seed Cheez Pleez

Turmeric-Dill-Cashew Cheeze Cheeeeeeze pleeeeeeaze Nuts and seeds such as sunflower, pumpkin, cashew, macadamia, almond, flax and sesame, are all rich and savoury ingredients that can be transformed into delicious dairy-free cheezes, pâtés and milks. These nutritious condiments gain improved texture, flavour and digestibility through fermentation.  There are many ways to add a fermentation culture such as … Read more

Salad Days

Summer days are best spent in the garden soaking up the sunshine and helping things GROW. When we’re busy digging in the dirt, even though fresh food is everywhere, we know that sometimes it is still hard to eat well and keep energy levels high.  ​So grab a handful of what looks good, give it a rinse and … Read more

BOOM! All About Carbonation

            Bubbles.It’s all about the bubbles. Adding carbonation to flavoured liquids can transform a drinking experience. Fizz is energizing. Effervescent drinks dance and sparkle on the tongue.Tonic beverages are bracing, invigorating and refreshing. It’s no wonder humans crave them.​ Slightly sour, slightly sweet and naturally carbonated beverages are the traditional ‘soft … Read more

Garlic-Honey Ferment

Think of all the good properties both Honey and Garlic have! Thing of the Probiotic Possibilities – combined all together it creates an immaculate flavour punch as well as fights off any illnesses trying to come your way! Start it now so its ready in a months time. It can last a year simply in … Read more

Probiotic Pico De Gallo

​ Pico de Gallo is a traditional Mexican ‘fresh salsa’ (i.e. uncooked). Here we are giving the salsa a probiotic kick. This not only brings up the flavour, it melds them together with a tangy twist AND it keeps in the fridge for ages beyond a normal pico de gallo. The probiotic element here is the juice … Read more

Creative Uses for Extra Kombucha SCOBY’s

What does S.C.O.B.Y. stand for anyways? Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast. This means a bunch of bacteria and yeasts came together in the perfect environment and created their own colony that takes the form of cellulose- in some cases a Kombucha SCOBY – or in others milk kefir SCOBY’s (milk kefir grains) and others … Read more