Episode I – Edible Alchemy on Crete

Dear Alchemists,

Edible Alchemy is taking the Microbial Circus to more traditional settings and rural living conditions on Crete for the winter.

Why is Edible Alchemy on Crete?

To widen the knowledge of the microbiome and learn traditional methods of fermentation and local flora and foraging techniques in order to bring these practices, knowledge and cultures back to you!

What are we doing?

I, Alexis from Edible Alchemy, am doing an artist residency (as in art of fermentation) with Event Horizon, Crete.

I will be learning traditional methods of fermentation and picking up cultures and tips & tricks along the way.

The living conditions: rustic & rural.

Not directly in a village, which means I need a car to reach over the mountains, past all the mini churches and monuments and into the valley where the olive grove hides.

No electricity, only solar power (i.e. when there is no sun, there is no power). I brought a headlamp.

No fridge other than the evaporation system and underground cellar (episode II).

Outdoor living style. Crete in winter does get rainy, cold and windy – but can also be sunny during the day and perfect for slack-lining and wild foraging.

No heat system other than running around the property and gathering firewood to build mini outdoor fire

The land is protected from farm animals, like the herds of sheep and goats around us in order to allow local flora & fauna to thrive.

But I have wifi! So I can still reach all you alchemists with your questions and comments (if the sun powers the solar panel that is 😉 ).

What you will see / hear in this episode.

  • Intro to these episodes and Edible Alchemy on Crete
  • Sourdough crepe mix in a milk bottle
  • A raki distillery process called a Kazani
  • All sound and music recorded here on Crete LIVE

What I brought with me on this Microbial Circus.

The freak show & supplies:  Kombucha, jun, milk kefir, 3 yogurt cultures, water kefir, Cornelius (153 yr old sourdough culture), molds for tempeh & miso, kraut weights, Art of Fermentation book, my plastic sieve, my plastic funnel, an Opinel knife, bread basket

Challenges: keeping warm, making a fridge, using Cornelius without an oven, learning the local plants, learning Greek.

Next Episode > sourdough chapati , creating outdoor fridges – evaporation fridge, underground cooling fridge, Greek yogurt, local plants

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