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If you’re making a batch of fermented pickles, tannins are an essential ingredient to keeping them crisp and crunchy months
Have you ever heard of white asparagus? Perhaps traveled to Germany in the late spring/ early summer? If so, you will
kombucha edible alchemy
First off, what is kombucha and why am I hearing this word so often? Kombu… that’s some kind of sea-weed
Try a Dry Ferment – and dont forget to SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE! ​ ​Vegetables such as carrots, beets, parsnips and
A little sweet and slightly sour naturally carbonated beverages were our ancestor’s answer to soda pop. Old fashioned and lightly
The recipe for these muffins started with a FERMENT FAIL.I left milk kefir sitting in my fridge for 4 months.
Find that TANG – ZIP – POW in your Tomato SAuce or Paste Here at Edible Alchemy, we seem to have