The Ferment Diary

A personal diary of Alexis’s latest fermented discoveries.

The Microbial Circus Tour
  Maybe you might be asking WHERE can I find Edible Alchemy? Well, the answer is simple… practically everywhere! Bacteria,
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BOOM! All About Carbonation
            Bubbles.It’s all about the bubbles. Adding carbonation to flavoured liquids can transform a drinking
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Garlic-Honey Ferment
Think of all the good properties both Honey and Garlic have! Thing of the Probiotic Possibilities – combined all together
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kombucha edible alchemy
Creative Uses for Extra Kombucha SCOBY’s
What does S.C.O.B.Y. stand for anyways? Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast. This means a bunch of bacteria and yeasts
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Fermentation Mistakes
13 Fermentation Mistakes You Might Have Made Yourself
Fermentation?! Bacteria?! Yeast!? Ahhh… what am I doing?!​Hey, keep your chin up! – We were all beginners at one point.
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