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rolling grape leaves dolmades
Exploring cultural practices and traditional fermentation techniques on Crete, Greece. Did you know that olives are fermented?
Candied Lemons & Moroccan Style Salted Lemons In this episode, we preserve the lemony flavors for months to come.
sending microbes
How artist Xijing Xu has mastered the art of sending friendly microbes
Ethical foraging on Crete – learn what kinds of plants we can pick and use for medicine, salads, teas and
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sourdough bread
what to Expect from our Academy Course
kimchi juice
This is how your foods’ nutrients are UNLOCKED through the process of fermentation
sourdough chapati, greek yogurt
– Sourdough chapati on the fire – Outdoor evaporation fridge – How to make Greek yogurt
Edible Alchemy on Crete? To widen the knowledge of the microbiome and learn traditional methods of fermentation and local flora
In our online Academy Vegetable Fermentation Course, you will learn how to turn simple vegetables into gold! Here is what
What exactly are those microorganisms doing in our sauerkraut anyways? Want to get down and nerdy with fermentation? Then this
probiotics fermentation online course
Know more to see more. DIY skills for life.
Going on vacation? Wondering how to take along your microbial pets like kombucha or water kefir? Or perhaps just wondering
Here is a list of tools I use in my fermentation-lab (i.e. kitchen) absolutely everyday! Some of these tools I
If you’re making a batch of fermented pickles, tannins are an essential ingredient to keeping them crisp and crunchy months