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cucumber kimchi in edible alchemy jar
Kimchi literally just means some soured or fermented vegetables. So why are we limiting ourselves to just napa cabbage? Kimchi
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EA workshop
Prepare three-dimensional meals Fermented foods present themselves to us as the third dimension of food, alongside raw foods and cooked
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hands holding foraged seeds
As foragers, we set out into the wild in search of edible plants. Flowers, roots, stems, leaves—we are surrounded by
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To better understand how health, taste and sustainability are rooted in Edible Alchemy’s philosophy, we must first examine the individual
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bacteria bar flyer and probiotic drink
The Bacteria Bar is an excellent chance to meet and taste microorganisms in the form of natural sodas, water kefir,
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kombucha in glas vat with illustrated face
Name Snowflake Alias Kombucha SCOBY (English), Kombucha Teepilz (Deutsch) Age Technically, she’s over 2,000 (!) years old; she’s been with
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A conversation with our 155 year old sourdough starter culture, Cornelius. #CorneliusTheSourdough
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rolling grape leaves dolmades
Exploring cultural practices and traditional fermentation techniques on Crete, Greece. Did you know that olives are fermented?
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Candied Lemons & Moroccan Style Salted Lemons In this episode, we preserve the lemony flavors for months to come.
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sending microbes
How artist Xijing Xu has mastered the art of sending friendly microbes
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Ethical foraging on Crete – learn what kinds of plants we can pick and use for medicine, salads, teas and
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Check our some of our best picks from our library
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kimchi juice
This is how your foods’ nutrients are UNLOCKED through the process of fermentation
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sourdough chapati, greek yogurt
– Sourdough chapati on the fire – Outdoor evaporation fridge – How to make Greek yogurt
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