Garlic-Honey Ferment

Think of all the good properties both Honey and Garlic have! Thing of the Probiotic Possibilities - combined all together it creates an immaculate flavour punch as well as fights off any illnesses trying to come your way! Start it now so its ready in a months time. It can last a year simply in the cupboard, if your able to not eat it all and use it on salads, toasts and stir-fries!

Let the bubbles begin!

This is a quite simple 'recipe'. All one needs is honey (unpasturized is best), garlic heads, a jar, and of course time.

Honey on its own is stable - meaning, it will not ferment, rot or sour spontaneously unless it is heated or in contact with moisture (more than 19% moisture means it will ferment). Mixing water and honey together simply makes mead - a honey-alcohol. 

When we add garlic cloves to honey, there is just enough water in the garlic to help the honey ferment. The honey pulls the water out and creates, over one months time and longer, a beautiful probiotic/antibacterial cold + flu cure!

Simply find a jar size of your choice. Put as many peeled garlic cloves in as you have patience for. Then fill the rest of the jar with honey. Make sure to label your jar when you started, so you can moniter the flavour change, how long you have had it, when you like it best, etc. 

Over the first month, the thick honey will become more liquidy and bubbles will accumulate. It is necessary to release the gas to eliminate chances of jar bursts. Just make sure when you are 'burping' your jar of garlic-honey that you dont have a hot date over - they might not recognize the smell ;). ​

Q. Probiotics? isn't garlic and honey antibacterial? 

Honey has anti-microbial properties (mainly by smothering any bacterias that try to get in as honey is so dense and thick), however when adding moisture, the anti-microbial force is diminished and allows those good bacterias and airborne yeasts to enter the ferment and create a proliferation of good bacterias : probioitcs! This means a perfect play ground for all the good bacterias rather than the bad. 

4 thoughts on “Garlic-Honey Ferment

    • Hey there, here are the answers to your questions:
      1 – the lid is on and closed just enough to not let in fruit flies, but just on enough that carbon-dioxide that builds up can squeeze out if pressure gets too big
      2 – try a batch using water kefir grains – they are SCOBYS (symbiotic colonies of bacteria and yeast) which means you are adding extra (cultured) bacterias to the mix, and will speed up the product and perhaps give it a slightly different taste. – best to try two small jars of each and let us know how it goes!

  1. Thanks! I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Er… one more question: Exactly how do you use it? Eat a toe/toes of the garlic? Spread the honey on bread? …?

    • I like to make a buttered toast and spread the garlic honey on it nad a crushed garlic. or eat it like a candied garlic. Add it to a stirfry, or anything to add great flavour to! Millions of possibilities :)!

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