2 thoughts on “Milk Kefir – What & How to”

  1. Dear Alexis,
    My daughter Rebecca baught some of your kefir grains in june and braught them to Italy where we live.
    I tried severall times to make kefir, with different types of milk,it never worked out well. Twice the taste was’t`very good and it stayed watery. Number 3 and 4 just didn’t get thick and tasted souer.
    What can i do to get a good result.
    Thanks for your advise.
    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Greetings Gisela Ilse

    • Dear Gisela,

      are you trying first with lactose milk such as COW, GOAT or SHEEPs milk? often with lactose free milk the milk kefir grains wont reproduce and multiply. best to try with full lactose milks. the fatter milks the better. milk kefir is technically a ‘drinking yogurt’ so wont get as thick as yogurt or cheese. with lactose environments they should multiply and be happy! keep trying, otherwise send Rebecca back to me and ill set her up with some more!


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