Maybe you have already tried kimchi, love the flavour combinations, and are ready to try something new. Pinkchi is a great flavour and colour addition to your plate or bowl!

You will need:

one head of cabbage

a few carrots

one small beetroot

one small white radish

a leek

a few spring onions

a small onion one apple

garlic, ginger, chilli to taste



  1. Cut up the cabbage as fine as you like (optionally save one of the outer leaves for covering the kraut), shred the carrots and radish and finely slice the leek / onion.

  1. Core the apple and cut into pieces, chop the beetroot into small pieces, peel your garlic and wash/peel and chop the ginger, add the chilli and blend everything into a paste in a blender or similar device.

  2. Put everything into a big bowl. weigh ingredients and add 2% salt (so for every kg of veggies and paste add 20g of salt). Alternatively you can also salt by taste.

  3. Mix everything until you get a visible amount of liquid (brine) in the bottom of the bowl

  4. Stuff the Pink-chi tightly (no air!) into your fermentation vessel of choice – cover top with extra cabbage leaves to cover from air.

  5. Tightly close your vessel and label it with the date and content. Let ferment at room temperature for a week. Place a plate under your vessel/jar if it might overflow while fermenting.

  6. After a week at room temperature move the pink-chi to the fridge or another cold place and let it ferment for 3 more weeks.

    ​Refrigerate and enjoy over the next months! 

Photo Cred: Zentrum Für Fermentation

This recipe was provided by our lovely fermenters from Zentrum Fur Fermentation (ZfF).

The ZfF is the dynamic duo Björn and Lisa who have been fermenting passionately for the last few years and have started their fermentation centre in 2016 to connect with people over fermentation and sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm.

They are giving workshops on different types of fermentation, like sauerkraut and kimchi, kombucha, fermented lemonades, cider and more. Keep your eyes open, as they are soon releasing their own line of colourful, raw krauts and kimchis to organic stores in Leipzig!

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