Filmjölk – Heritage Mesophyllic Yogurt Culture – Fresh


What you will get:

  • an organic cotton ball soaked in fresh filmjolk heritage yogurt culture
  • instructions on how-to proliferate your yogurt culture for years to come

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Filmjölk originating from Scandinavian areas mostly found in Sweden and Finland, is more traditional-yogurt flavoured and mild.

It is a mesophyllic yogurt culture, which means it doesn’t require any special heating, just room temperature to proliferate! Think, overnight yogurt! Practically magic :).

Heritage yogurt cultures have been traditionally heralded as an elixir of long life and health. These cultures are rich in beneficial bacteria, phosphorus, vitamin K, biotin and folic acid – nutrients that are essential to health and well-being. Studies show that cultured dairy may be particularly beneficial as they successfully protect beneficial bacteria from damage in the hostile environment of the digestive tract and acts as an anti-inflammatory.


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