Milk Kefir Grains – Fresh


What you will get:

  • 10 grams milk kefir grains (recently been fed with organic cow milk 3.8%)
  • Instruction sheet on how-to proliferate your milk kefir culture for years to come!


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Milk kefir is a cultured dairy originally from the Caucuses region, an near intersection where Europe meets Asia.

Milk kefir grains are white, lumpy and gelatinous and are comprised primarily of lactic acid producing bacteria. These are SCOBY’s (symbiotic colonies of bacteria and yeast). So you can easily pick apart and separate the culture from the milk and put the milk kefir grains in different milks. Goat milk, cow milk, sheep milk, and even lactose-free milks like coconut milk and oat-milk for a short time before replacing to a lactose full environment.

It is a mesophyllic yogurt culture, which means it doesn’t require any special heating, just room temperature to proliferate! Think, overnight yogurt! Practically magic :).

Milk kefir grains have been traditionally heralded as an elixir of long life and health. These cultures are rich in beneficial bacteria, phosphorus, vitamin K, biotin and folic acid – nutrients that are essential to health and well-being. Studies show that cultured dairy may be particularly beneficial as they successfully protect beneficial bacteria from damage in the hostile environment of the digestive tract and acts as an anti-inflammatory and digestion aid.

Enjoy the creamy and tangy taste of milk kefir!