Small Kraut Weights


You will receive:

2 half-moon (EDIBLE ALCHEMY), hand-crafted & painted kraut weights

Fully glazed!

Food safe glaze for your personal batches of kraut success!

Ferment in style!

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When making batches of vegetable krauts or kimchi, one wants to keep those veggies under the brine.
If the veggies start hitting the air, they oxidize and don’t taste the way we want them to.
Here we have hand designed and glazed kraut weights in order to keep those small batches of kraut under their brine.

Each batch of kraut-weights are individually crafted by Colorin Colorado in Barcelona

We have an assorted selection of hand-painted yellow, green, red, blue weights. Allow yourself to be surprised! Or, if you are drawn to one shade or another, just let us know if the NOTES section of your order!

Ferment successfully and in style!

Diameter: 7,5 cm

Thickness: 90 mm