Sourdough Starter Kit – with access to our online course


What comes in the Starter Kit:

  • 155 Year Old Sourdough Starter Culture
  • 1 Banneton┬áRising Basket
  • 1 Razor Blade for Bread Scoring
  • Instruction Manuel how to take care of starter and bake your first loaves
  • Bread Scrapper
  • Personal Access Code to our online sourdough course for lifetime access to all our recipes and tricks & tips

Our online course comes with access to our FAQs and the Bacteria Baristas themselves for further consulting.

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Learn how to work with a sourdough culture to make beautiful loaves of bread, yes bread – with different kinds of flours and with various techniques, but also pitas, pizza dough and pancakes! Always using a natural fermentation process.

Don’t worry about being an expert. Bread baking is one of the most wonderful skills to learn!

The sourdough starter that comes in the kit is our infamous 155 year old sourdough starter (we call him Cornelius but you can of course change the name). Using this heritage culture you can simply turn any recipe that uses flour into a sourdough recipe using some easy conversions that we share in our online course; crepe, croissant, you name it!