Water Kefir Grains – Dried (Tibicos)


You will receive:

  • 5 grams of dried water kefir (tibicos) crystals
  • Instruction sheet and information about water kefir: how-to rehydrate and continue the fermentation process, what not to do, and how to flavor

*shipping within Europe only*

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Water kefir is a light, naturally fermented, effervescent probiotic beverage with a diverse range of flavors and textures. Your water kefir can take on various flavor profiles depending on how you prepare it. Experiment with the sources of sugar, fruits and syrups. Your water kefir can be sweet or sour with light or strong sparkle.

Water Kefir can even become a lightly alcoholic which may be of interest to some (around 0.5% or more depending on how long you ferment it and conditions).

Water kefir is made by mixing water kefir crystals or “grains” with water and sugar, and allowing the mixture time to ferment. These grains are actually Symbiotic Colonies Of Bacteria & Yeast (aka, SCOBYs), and come in the form of beautiful, translucent-jelly-crystals. In the right environmental conditions they can more than double in quantity every day!

Here we have DRIED water kefir grains, so you can take them where ever you go and rehydrate them at your destination simply in a solution of water and sugar.

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