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Are you ready to nourish your gut and whole body with my step-by-step probiotic food fermentation program?

Yes, give me access to the program!

“I am struggling with gut issues” – That is the most common reason why people join my workshops and want to learn more about how probiotics can help them ease their problems.

Over 7 years ago I started learning and researching the art of probiotics and fermented food. Now that more and more research about the amazing health benefits of probiotics is coming out, more and more people want to apply this ancient art of creating probiotic foods and drinks to supercharge their health journey.

Not only can many of our digestive issues be connected to a microbiome out of balance – even anxiety and depression can be connected to a lack of healthy bacteria in our gut.

What you could do instead? Rebalancing your microbiome using probiotic foods and drinks combined with healthy food to support your healing journey. No supplements. Just healthy, organic food.

Imagine what your life could look like in a few month if you would apply these techniques?

Introducing:Edible Alchemy’s New TrainingProbiotic Gut Factor

Probiotic Gut Factor is a 6-week, multimedia, all-digital training course designed to improve your gut health and boost your energy and immune system, including 6 in-depth live webinars, HD videos, recipes, worksheets and more.

By the end of it you will have everything you need to:

  • checkLook amazing and feel incredible
  • checkHave energy to go all day long
  • checkSave money from ineffective supplements

Even better: You will have a system to eat delicious, nourishing foods that keep your body healthy – for life.

Program Overview

You will start by learning everything you need to know about how your gut works and how the microbiome affects your health and wellbeing.

Week 1: Understanding Your Microbiome

  • checkIntroduction to our Microbiome, pre & probiotics
  • checkWild Fermentation vs. Cultured Fermentation
  • checkLearn three different techniques of vegetable fermentation (mix + massage, brine, dry-shake)
  • checkEach week includes PDF’s and recipes after the webinar

Week 2: Detox and Retox (And How To Avoid It)

  • checkToxins- where do they come from and how do they leave our body (hint: SKIN!)
  • checkUsing fermented foods and herbs to help detoxify
  • checkUsing various methods of ‘cultured fermentation’ to detoxify
  • checkLearn how to make Kombucha, Water Kefir & Milk Kefir

Week 3: Boosting Your Energy

  • checkCreating a microbiome that supports probiotic growth
  • checkHow to have better nutrient absorption for maximum energy
  • checkProtein packed methods of fermentation
  • checkLearn how to make Rejuvelak, Probiotic vegan seed & nut cheeses, Probiotic hummus, Sprouted Crackers

Week 4: Supercharging Your Immune System

  • checkHow food plays a large role in our immune system
  • checkAntibiotics vs. Antimicrobials
  • checkDIY immune boosters
  • checkLearn how to make Garlic honey ferment, Probiotic Fruit Vinegars, Fire Cider Recipe

Week 5: Healing Your Gut & Mind – the Gut-Brain Connection

  • checkHow emotions and mood connects with our food
  • checkHow to lower stress levels with the right foods
  • checkDiscussion on supplements vs. real foods
  • checkDIY happy Gut recipes (hot sauce, probiotic salad dressing, probiotic mayonnaise)

Week 6: Advanced Probiotic Recipes For Overall Health

  • checkThe Original Ginger Ale / Ginger Beer
  • checkCultured Butter
  • checkCultured Coconut Milk kefir
  • checkHerbal Tricks and Tip when fermenting and cooking

BONUS: Week 7: 2 Expert Interviews – To be Announced

  • checkWill be announced soon! Stay tuned!

The probiotic Gut Factor Program

(Save 67% OFF normal price)

Instant Lifetime access to the entire digital program:

6 Live Webinars (incl. Q&A) ($497 Value)

Lifetime Access to Video Training Modules* ($297 Value)

Probiotic Food Cookbook* ($37 Value)

Probiotic Drink Cookbook* ($37 Value)

Direct Access via Facebook Group ($27 Value)

BONUS: 2 Exclusive Expert Interviews ($97 Value)

Regular Price: $497

1 Payment of $147

or 2 Payments of $79

Enroll Today >>

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, email or chat with us. We are happy to help. Just send an email to [email protected] or contact us via our facebook page.

*Will be made available later this year. The program will start with 6 Live Webinar sessions. We will create the course together with you. Your feedback will shape this course so we can create the best content for your needs.

Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with the course and wish to get your money back we will refund your money within the first 30 days – no questions asked. Just send us an email at [email protected] and we will refund your money asap.

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