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Fermentation Allows For Endless Possibilities....

Workshops will cover:

  • The difference between wild and cultured fermentation
  • The difference between aerobic and anaerobic fermentation
  • Gut health and benefits of home-made ferments
  • Various stories of fermented foods
  • The process and how-to of topic at hand - of course using our hands to create our very own custom ferment!

You will leave our workshops with:

The knowledge and confidence to go home and get fermenting on the topic covered weather vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs, grains or dairy! Your mind will be opened up to the world of microbiology in simple terms and we will become familiar to our very own micro-biome.

You will leave with a jar of custom-super kraut, or bottle of fizzy self-made soda or container of unique seed cheese that you made that day, in order to look forward to the fermentation process to continue at home.

Booking a Private Workshop or Team Building Workshop 

Depending on where we are, Berlin, Winnipeg or on the move as the 'Mircobial Circus', you can feel free to contact us and book your own private workshop of your choice. ([email protected])

Types of Workshops

Vegetable Fermentation

Discover the science and unique flavours of fermented vegetables around the world. From classic sauerkrauts to pickled Asian vegetables to the spicy and tangy flavours of South American cuisine.

Fruit Fermentation

Fruit fermentation can take the form of probiotic vinegar ferments or chutneys, or much much more depending on the fruit availability and surplus. Send in your requests!


Using yeasts in the air and starter cultures like water kefir grains or kombucha SCOBYs, participants will learn how to transform their favourite fruits and flavours into fizzy drinks and raw vinegars.

  • kombucha
  • water kefir
  • ginger-beer / turmeric
  • kvass

Vegan Seed and Nuts Cheeses and Probiotic Dips

We will also talk about the importance of soaking, sprouting and fermenting grains, legumes and seeds. Learn our recipe for wholesome, handcrafted cheese and crackers. Take home custom seed-cheeses and dips with new inspirations.

Cultured Dairy and Using Whey as a Starter

In our discussions we will talk about the history of cultured dairy and the many forms it takes around the world. We will taste and work with different milk cultures as well as use the protein dense whey as a starter culture for other perspective ferments.

Probiotic Condiments and Spreads

Common condiments such as ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, relish, chutney, hot sauces and salad dressings are loaded with processed sugars and denatured vegetable oils but they don't need to be. Learn how to transform these into probiotic, nutrient dense and flavour-filled additions to any meal.

Sour Dough Bread workshop

Learn what it means to become a yeast catcher! We learn the technique and process of making sour dough bread - why is sour dough special compared to other breads, feel the textures during the bread making process, as well as tasting and making! Take home some 200 year old (+) sour dough starter that was picked up on the Microbial Circus Tour from Iceland! 

Mould Culture Introduction workshop

Taste, talk and explore the world of mould cultures such as koji that helps us make miso, sake, tempeh, and more. Take home your own koji culture to start proliferating some delicious and healthy moulds!


More workshops come up depending on season and resources availability. Have too many cherries? Let's make some cheery chutney or probiotic cherry vinegar. Too many herbs? Let's make some herbal sodas and elixirs!