Sourdough & Vegetable Fermentation – Online Course


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This is a two-course-bundle! #doublewhammy

We have put together our two most popular courses so you can get started with sourdough baking as well as vegetable fermentation!

In our Sourdough course you will learn how to work with a sourdough culture to make beautiful loaves of bread, yes bread, and with different kinds of flours and with various techniques, but also pitas, pizza dough and pancakes! Always using a natural fermentation process.

At the same time the course explains why sourdough products compared to to other types of (industrial) baking are easier to digest, make the grains’ nutrients more bioavailable, and stay so tasty so much longer.

Don’t worry about being an expert. Bread baking is one of the most wonderful skills to learn! We will start from the sourdough culture and build your bread baking skills with all the supplies you have already at home.

In our Vegetable Fermentation course you will learn various methods to take practically every vegetable imaginable and transform it into healthy, delicious flavor explosions to go along with every meal.

Use this course and information as your springboard into the world of vegetable fermentation and probiotics. We will go over how you can get the highest probiotic count in your veggies. And for those who do not enjoy careful measurements all the time – tips how to simply do it by feeling!

We will work with natural yeasts and sugars from vegetables and fruits, as well as learn some ‘backslopping’ techniques.

Keep your eyes tuned as these courses continuously grow!