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DIY Probiotics & Natural Fermentation

Learn how probiotics can help you boost your healthimprove digestion and your gut while enjoying the amazing flavors of natural probiotic foods.

Join our Workshops

Learn everything about how to make delicious, nutritious fermented foods.

We regularly hold open workshops on making your own probiotic foods. Feel free to send us a request for future workshops in your area: personal one-on-one workshops, group workshops, team-building activities etc.

Whether for beginning fermenters, or culinary experts who want to add something new and different to their menu, our workshops will get your ferments up to speed quickly and effortlessly.

Alexis (based in Europe) Natalie (based in Canada)

Meet Your Bacteria Baristas

We are Alexis Goertz & Natalie Elizabeth

Passionate DIY fermentation-foodies, who have been creating foods, drinks and events as Edible Alchemy 2013. We have traveled the world, collecting rare probiotic cultures, and sampling local fermented delicacies, while honing our craft. 

The bacterial succession spreads the Edible Alchemy headquarters over two continents -  Europe, based in Berlin  with Alexis, and North America, based in Winnipeg with Natalie. 

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