Learn how probiotics can help you boost your immune system, improve digestion and heal your gut, while enjoying the amazing flavours of natural probiotic foods.

Learn fermentation with our online academy

Get bubbling right away and join the online Edible Alchemy Academy! Our fermentation course sets you up with all the necessary skills to create extraordinary probiotics in your own kitchen, using supplies and ingredients that every regular joe has lying around.

Experience Local Fermentation Workshops in Berlin

Our regular open workshops will get your ferments dropping jaws and healing guts, whether you’re a probiotic beginner or an experimental culinary expert.

Don’t be shy - check out our calendar of upcoming workshops or book a private experience!


Join Alexis as she guides you through the city's hidden corners, unveiling wild delights and urban treasures. Discover edible plants, aromatic herbs, medicines, and flavorful surprises tucked away in sidewalk cracks and urban parks. Embark on a delectable journey, transforming ingredients into culinary masterpieces that celebrate the magic of both nature and culture. Rediscover the joy of nature's edible wonders in the heart of the urban jungle!

Meet the people behind Edible Alchemy

We are passionate, we are DIY foodies, and we have been fermenting as Edible Alchemy since 2013. We have traveled the world collecting rare probiotic cultures, sampling local fermented delicacies and honing our craft to now bring the microbial world to the wider community.




Edible Alchemy’s Microbial Circus goes on tour and pops up The Bacteria Bar! Your chance to meet and taste microorganisms in the form of kombucha, water kefir, ginger beer and wild sodas. We add leaves, roots, tree saps and flower petals, many of which have been foraged and gathered from various garden projects in and around Berlin.

The 52 Seasons Dinner


52 weeks is 52 seasons to Edible Alchemy. At the 52 Seasons Dinner we pull all stops for you and dish out everything we have preserved and foraged to present unique taste combinations in a multi-course educational dinner format. Three year-old Miso, Kimchi as centerpiece, salted-dried-fermented umeboshi, vegetables marinated in our Kombucha reduction, to name just a few. Plus, every course is accompanied by our naturally carbonated brews or foraged infusions!

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