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Try Dry Fermenting – Carrots!

Try a Dry Ferment - and dont forget to SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!

​Vegetables such as carrots, beets, parsnips and kohlrabi are hard to massage water out of when cut into large peices rather than grated. Often we add a brine (salty-water) in order to ferment these veggies - but here we try something else - and over days with a salty-shaking method, pull those juices out and get a strong un-diluted flavour! BAM! 

One of our Alchemists' had messaged me pictures of their ferment experiment and i decided I too must try a DRY ferment as the pictures of coated, flavourful carrots looks way too tantalizing. 

A dry ferment is when we are using vegetables that we can't easily get much water out of when squeezing like one can with cabbage, and so we often resort to making a brine to cover up the hard vegetables. Instead, here we use a shaking method over days with salt to slowly draw out the water in the hard vegetables and create a thick and flavourful coating only with the natural juices in the vegetables.

1kg carrots sliced (and/or parsnips)

Tablespoon of turmeric

1/2 teaspoon of chilli

2 teaspoons of salt

Rub all of the above together then leave in an bowl for half hour so the salt starts drawing out the moisture of the carrots before packing it all into a one litre  jar. The spices and brine will form a thick sauce that with daily shaking will ensure it gets evenly coated over the veg. Put the jar somewhere in sight so every time you walk past give it a shake! 

The whole process takes about 7 days with regular daily shaking in a sealed jar. You don't have to over-pack the jar like you might do with sauerkraut, just let the salt draw out the moisture and the turmeric and chilli control the fermentation. There should be a delightful fizz on opening and tangy, pickled, turmeric-y taste. Try these babies on fresh sourdough.

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