Fermented Asparagus

Have you ever heard of white asparagus? Perhaps traveled to Germany in the late spring/ early summer? If so, you will notice that it is a favourite dish served with hollandaise-sauce. Germans are indeed crazy about white asparagus!White asparagus comes from the same seeds and plants as our traditional green asparagus, however as they are … Read more

How, What, Why Kombucha?!

First off, what is kombucha and why am I hearing this word so often? Kombu… that’s some kind of sea-weed and cha…means tea in Japanese right? Well technically yes, however kombucha is in no way a sea-weed-tea, but rather a sparkling-fermented-tea drink. Sweetened most commonly with sugar, and steeped in black tea. Easy enough, but … Read more

Try Dry Fermenting – Carrots!

Try a Dry Ferment – and dont forget to SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE! ​ ​Vegetables such as carrots, beets, parsnips and kohlrabi are hard to massage water out of when cut into large peices rather than grated. Often we add a brine (salty-water) in order to ferment these veggies – but here we try something else – … Read more


Maybe you have already tried kimchi, love the flavour combinations, and are ready to try something new. Pinkchi is a great flavour and colour addition to your plate or bowl! You will need:one head of cabbagea few carrots one small beetrootone small white radisha leeka few spring onionsa small onion one applegarlic, ginger, chilli to … Read more

Lacto-Fermented Smoked Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts and pepper corns with chilli and smoked saltBrussel Sprouts are like mini-cabbages with their many leafy-layers and good amount of yeasts on the leaves for great success in fermenting.We picked up this unique flavour combo in Rotterdam – and really enjoyed the unique taste of smoked salt that was given to the Brussel … Read more

Sour Dough Pitas

I finally took the plunge at making, to me, one of the most daunting ferments… SOUR DOUGH BREAD. Out of all the ‘pets’ I have at home which need feeding, shaking, tending… I haven’t even stepped close to the idea of bread – the high-maintenance ferment which needs a type of regimented care. For me, I … Read more

Milk Kefir – What & How to

Milk kefir is a cultured dairy originally from the Caucuses – the region where Europe meets Asia.   There it has been traditionally heralded as an elixir of long life and health.   Milk kefir is rich in beneficial bacteria, phosphorus, vitamin K, biotin and folic acid – nutrients that are essential to health and … Read more

The Original Ginger Beer

Ginger beer is a Caribbean style spicy-soft drink prepared using a ginger starter of grated ginger, water, sugar and wild yeasts from the air. Ginger root has natural yeasts on the skin which feed on the sugars, creating a low-calorie drink in the end of fermentation. This sugar-feeding process can can build up a lot … Read more

Probiotic Mustard & Mayo

Before refrigeration and industrial food processing, most condiments were fermented. Ketchup, mustard, fish sauce and hot sauce are examples of traditional condiments that added flavour and enzymes to otherwise bland meals.  Due to their strong flavour, only a small amount needed to add a lot of flavour to a plate of food.Here we have two condiments, mustard and … Read more

The Microbial Circus Tour

  Maybe you might be asking WHERE can I find Edible Alchemy? Well, the answer is simple… practically everywhere! Bacteria, moulds and yeasts are all around the globe creating delicious foods for us to create, taste, and share … yet, that may still not answer your question… As you may have read in our intro, … Read more