Unveiling the Microbial Underworld: Sneaky Tactics for Bacteria and Yeast Smuggling

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Welcome to the covert realm where bacteria and yeast engage in audacious smuggling adventures beyond fermentation. Discover the hidden techniques employed by these microorganisms as they navigate through borders and checkpoints undetected. Brace yourself for a fascinating journey through the ingenious strategies of microbial espionage, where the ordinary transforms into a world of secret agents and tantalizing disguises.


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“If you can’t beat em’, EAT EM’”, as we always like to say. 

Join us as we take a closer look at invasive edible plants that you’re likely to stumble across in Berlin and Brandenburg’s green spaces this spring and summer.

Black Locust | Edible Invasive Plants

black locust

Black locust was brought over from North America as an ornamental plant. Determined to spread its synthetic-grape-juicy scent as far and wide as possible, it quickly expanded its territory across the European continent.