Edible Alchemy On Crete – Episode II – Traditional Fermented Greek Yogurt

Dear Alchemists,

Edible Alchemy has taking the Microbial Circus to more traditional settings and rural living conditions on Crete for the winter.

WHY? To learn, try, discover and explore more traditional techniques and local flora and bring these practices back to you!

What you will see / hear in this episode:

– Sourdough chapati on the fire
– Outdoor evaporation fridge
– How to make Greek yogurt
– All sound and music recorded here on Crete LIVE


Last Episodes Challenges: keeping warm (now there is a propane heater and lots of mini fires) , making a fridge (brick fridge and cold temperature does the job), using Cornelius without an oven (always looking for your suggestions), learning the local plants (next episode, I collaborated with two local plant experts), learning Greek (will always be a good and fun challenge).

New Challenges: fighting the winter winds, learning the plant names in Greek, finding a local plant that will make a good kraut

Next Episode: Discovering the local medicinal, tea, and edible plants

Keep in contact and send your questions, suggestions and inquiries.

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