Greek Yogurt Culture – Fresh


What you will get:

  • An organic cotton pad soaked in fresh Greek yogurt culture (the cotton pad has absorbed the unique bacterias and will be put into a jar of milk to incubate and proliferate and make more yogurt. Once first batch of milk is turned to yogurt, discard of the cotton pad and continue to make yogurt by putting a spoon of your new yogurt into new milk > pasteurized milk is fine!) To get a thicker yogurt, use a nut-milk bag!
  • Instructions on how-to proliferate your yogurt culture for years to come! If taken well care of, this is a lifetime supply!

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This Greek yogurt starter has been past directly from the Greek yogurt makers on Crete to Edible Alchemy. This culture is a heritage (i.e. heirloom) culture.

Unlike many store bought or packaged yogurt starter cultures, which are single-batch use cultures in which the bacterial strains have been isolated in a lab, a heritage culture is left in its original form so it is re-usable, meaning, that with the proper care, storage and usage, this is a lifetime supply!

Use this culture for batch after batch!

Keep in mind, to achieve the thick, Greek yogurt consistency, you will need to strain the whey from your yogurt after it’s cultured. Use the active whey for more projects! It too will be loaded with probiotic goodness.

Greek yogurt is traditionally strained three times! This is what gives Greek yogurt its’ thicker consistency and stronger flavors compared to other yogurts you may be familiar with. Because Greek yogurt is more concentrated and dense in milk solids, it is also loaded with protein. Strain it until its reach the thickness of your liking.

Some honey drizzled on top and crushed walnuts and you’ve got a probiotic, protein rich, nutritious snack!