Sourdough Starter (158 years old!)


  • You will receive a bag of recently fed Cornelius (sourdough starter).
  • A recipe developed by Edible Alchemy how to work with sourdough starters and make a bread.
  • A discount code for our online sourdough course
  • feel free to give him/her/it another name 🙂


This is our dear 158 year old sourdough culture named Cornelius picked up in Iceland some years back with said roots in Basque region

As he gets older he is constantly getting stronger.

With sourdough starter you can make breads, pancakes, cakes, injera, crepe and and and…

Sourdough starters help digest the complex carbohydrates in flours making the finished product bio available and easy to digest. i.e. more nutritious and delicious.

Cornelius is simply unstoppable. Read more about him here in our interview with Cornelius. 

For guidance, recipes, tips and tricks, check out our online sourdough course: 


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