Vinegar Mother


You will receive:

  • A fresh and healthy vinegar SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeasts) / also known as a vinegar mother 
  • Instruction Sheets on HOW-TO use your vinegar mother, how to make herbal vinegars and infusions, how to make vinegar with fruit
  • You will be able to create various fruit vinegars, as well as red/white wine vinegars and malt vinegars using your SCOBY


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Looking to make your own wine or malt vinegar? Or perhaps starting your own fruit vinegar? A vinegar mother can help you with that! A vinegar mother is a cellulose composed of various bacteria a yeast – also known as a SCOBY.

The bacteria and yeasts in the SCOBY eat the sugar during the fermentation process and produce acetic acid and many beneficial bacterias. With time in an aerobic environment, the vinegar mother put into various alcohols (wine, beer, cider) or fruit juices will produce a healthy vinegar.

Details of flavor, acidity, and even color are open to the individual brewer’s creativity. The finished vinegar product is known to be good for ones immune system, digestive system and over all wellbeing. From one vinegar mother, you will also get more (i.e. they have babies).


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